Ukimi-do-Hall and Sagiike Pond

From Todai-ji Temple we then headed south though the park to the Kofukuji Temple, but on the way we spotted a path leading to the Sagiike pond. The large pond was calm with beautiful backdrop of autumn coloured trees, situated in the pond was the Ukimi-do Hall which had a bridge connecting it to the pond’s bankside. It’s quite striking and looks like it is floating on the pond surface. The Ukimi-do Hall is a classical hexagonal shaped wooden pavilion, with a Japanese cypress bark thatched roof, and said to be a poplar photo spot, which it is! The pavilion was built in 1916 and completely reconstructed from 1991 to 1994 to its former beauty. 

Ukimi-do Hall and Sagiike Pond crop

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Path Leading down to Sagiike Pond