Gyokuseninmaru Garden

From Ninomaru square we entered the garden from above with the garden in a dip below, which gave a stunning view of the whole garden. The paths then step down and circular the garden, which give great viewpoints from different angles. The Gyokuseninmaru Garden was only reconstructed in 2015 and is totally free to enter and to be enjoyed. The beautiful small garden has a central pond, with islands, multiple bridges, and lots of stunning niwaki trees.  

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 2

The area and garden were then abandoned in the Meiji period (1868-1912) and so lost its former appearance. But in May 2013, reconstruction work was commenced! Following a design process which were based on old literature, drawings, information, and results from a 5 year excavation surveys that had first began in 2008.  

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 4

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 6

Although we had planned to visit the Gyokuseninmaru Garden, it surprised us how stunning it was, like a little hidden oasis!

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 8

Evening Meal
Gyokuseninmaru Garden 1

The Gyokuseninmaru garden and area is said to have been first constructed in 1634, by the third lord Toshitsune Maeda. The garden is thought to have been a unique garden for its time, as it was the first of its kind to use creatively patterned stone walls. The Gyokuseninmaru area at the time was continually maintained by the successive lords of the domain and is thought that the garden served mainly as a courtyard for the domain lord, rather than being used for entertaining guests. 

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 3

To preserve the remains of the old garden, new soil was landscaped over the entire ground and the new garden was constructed on the new soil filled ground! Also, the stone walls around the edges of the garden were restored and the entire Gyokuseninmaru area was landscaped. And so, in March 2015 the reconstruction was completed and would certainly make the past lords proud!

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 5
Gyokuseninmaru Garden 7

From the Gyokueninmaru we ventured back through more of the Castles stunning grounds and headed back to our hotel to check in!  After a quick freshen up, we headed out to get something the eat and to explore the area town after dark! 

Gyokuseninmaru Garden 9

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